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Sent from my iffone      Preview

Post-contract, we issue to our guests our own guide based on our personal experiences in Italy and Spain. This includes restaurants, shopping, culture and other useful information not otherwise included in the 'Guest Information Pack' (also issued post-contract) which explains in detail the features of the property to be rented. All illustrated by photos (mostly taken on the owner's iPhone).


This all amounts to a spilling of our local secrets, under the working title of 'Sent from my iffone' - despatches from a nomad.


This pages gives browsers a link to a sample restaurant review. 

Il Borghetto - Nozzano


Sample restaurant review


It's only 10 minutes from our Tuscan villa, so why did it take us 14 years to find this place? Highly recommended, especially for fish, and the genial proprietor.



Antichi Sapori della Lucchesia, Nave


Formerly known as Botticelli restaurant, but with new proprietors, this is now an extremely good value restaurant, ideal for families and especially for lunch.

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