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The Player's View: Photography























3rd hole, looking to the 4th, beyond, St Enodoc (Church Course)


The stunning colour photos, with which the books overflow, were all taken by William fforde and form part of The Hynes Collection at the University of St Andrews.


William presents courses and their design in a way that shows off the talents of its designer through the medium of photography of record, taken from angles which players might experience whilst playing a round of golf. His generally wide format presentations deliver dramatic, yet realistic studies in landscape photography, making us feel that we are actually there, ready to play the next shot. William also makes a point of avoiding romantic and/or artistic embellishment – hence no tinted skies, and reverse views of holes are only used to unveil blind or semi-blind shots. 


With each image, William positions readers as if they were about to play each hole, literally from tee to green. Hence the series offers on-line and coffee table rounds of golf for browsers and readers, respectively.

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