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"Easily the best golf guide" (Financial Times)

The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses               


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The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses is a series of small format golf course guides, packed with stunning photos, rating courses for their design and facilities using a system similar to that used in the Michelin guides, awarding stars for the quality of design and rating the standard of facilities. Each hole is give a colour according to the quality of its design. We publish this material in book and magazine format, and also on-line.


Beckenham has developed a unique course review system.


Each hole, and the course itself, is appraised for its design qualities. Individual holes are colour-graded using a ‘traffic light’ system (green, for strong hole design, down to red for weak; with gold for exceptional). Courses are evaluated using a Michelin-style * rating system (*** denotes a course whose design is worth crossing the world to play, ** a continent, and * a country). 


The reviews are complimented with a host of seductive photographs, generally taken from the player’s view. All the photographs form part of The Hynes Collection at the University of St Andrews.


As it was essential to deliver a host of information about subject courses with clarity and simplicity, Beckenham selected one of the industry’s most respected book designers, Robert Updegraff, for this purpose. Updegraff is also designer to the new Player’s View series. 


Since 2007, The Pocket Guide has also been published on-line. This has led to Beckenham launching The Video Guide to Golf Courses series, directed by Nic fforde – this enabled Pocket Guide material (e.g for Dubai) first to be published as a video and only later on paper.


The Pocket Guides have been welcomed by tourist and armchair golfers, and critics alike - reviewing the Irish guide, the Financial Times commented: “Easily the best golf guide”.


Countries covered


Comprehensive country coverage

- Spain & Portugal (book, magazine and online)

- Ireland (book, magazine and online)   

- United Arab Emirates (magazine, online and video)


Selected courses coverage

- Austria

- Bermuda

- Croatia

- Czech Republic

- France

- Germany

- India

- Italy (fuller coverage planned for 2018-2022)


Also published by Beckenham: Ivan Morris's The Doonbeg Ghosts 


All books are available direct from


Order your copy direct from the publishers -  at just 1/3rd of RRP - £5.00, plus P&P


Order books

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