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The Player's View: Menaggio & Cadenabbia GC

Film & TV Titles hidden in the text


The following film titles have been sunk into the text of The Player’s View: Menaggio & Cadenabbia GC

‘Googlies’ *

(i.e. film/TV titles of the American actor)

#1   out of sight                            Acknowledgements

#2   from dusk till dawn                Acknowledgements

#3   Three Kings                                               Hole 6

#4   the descendants                                        Hole 9

#5   tomorrowland                      Book of Ralph, Ch XI

#6   confessions of a dangerous mind            Hole 14

#7   the Ides of March                                     Hole 14

#8   the harvest                                               Hole 14

#9   up In the air                                              Hole 15

#10 gravity                                                      Hole 15

#11 monuments men                                      Hole 16

#12 where[fore] art thou, brother                    Hole 17



#13   the perfect storm                  Hole 17

#14   the peacemaker                   Hole 17

#15   intolerable cruelty                 Hole 17

#16   waiting for Woody                 Hole 17

#17   Michael Clayton                    Hole 17

#18   far from heaven                    Hole 18

#19   out of sight                            Hole 18

#20   sand and sorrow                   Hole 18

#21   the thin red line                     Hole 18

#22   Er                                          Hole 18

#23   the American                         Hole 18

#24   oceans                                   Hole 18

#25   burn after reading                  Hole 19

#26   the book that wrote itself       Hole 20

Slower balls *

(i.e. film titles inserted in an attempt to dismiss readers)


#1 The Shining                Hole 6

#2 [The] Italian Job        Hole 16


If you are still don't know the identity of The American actor, we suggest you google 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou?'.


* We have used cricketing parlance out of respect to Ted Dexter, who wrote the Foreword to The Player's View: Menaggio & Cadenabbia GC.


A 'googly' is a type of delivery bowled by a right arm leg spin bowler. While a normal leg break spins from the leg to the off side, away from a right-handed batsman, a googly spins the other way, from off to leg, into a right-handed batsman (and is distinct from an off break delivery). If this leaves you still confused, well, either that's cricket, or you are left confused, because that is precisely what a googly does to an inexperienced batsman! How's that?!


A 'slower ball' is a delivery from a fast bowler which surprises the batsman, who (if he doesn't realise he has thus been deceived by the bowler) risks unintentionally hitting the ball in the air and being dismissed ('out' i.e. the end of his turn as a batsman) through a fielder catching the ball.  The equivalent term in baseball is 'changeup'.

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