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The Player's View is a golf media service provided by Beckenham Publishing, a sister business to Seaforde          Contact us

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The Player's View              "Easily the best golf guide" (FInancial Times)


The Player’s View books comprise a series of lavishly-illustrated volumes, show-casing excellence in golf course design, using photography of record, taken from viewing angles which players would experience during the course of a round.


Produced by Beckenham’s The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses team, the books use The Pocket Guide’s unique design evaluation system: As limited editions of no more than 1000 copies per hardback volume, this is a series of photo books that celebrate golf course photography whilst also providing expert and authoritative commentaries on the history of the design of subject courses.


The first two volumes cover the courses at St George's Hill (London) and Menaggio (Lake Como, Italy) and are available direct from us.

The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses

Small format golf course guides, packed with stunning photos, rating courses for their design and facilities using a system similar to that used in the Michelin guides, awarding stars for the quality of design and rating the standard of facilities. Each hole is give a colour according to the quality of its design. We publish this material in book and magazine format, and also on-line. Spain & Portugal is now being serialised on Instagram. Comprehensive coverage of Italy is planned for 2018-2022, ahead of the Rome Ryder Cup.





The Video Guide to Golf Courses


Online video content is a prevalent and important force in modern communications.


The ability to choose anything at any time online supports highly specialised content, due to the enormous wealth of markets the internet covers, accessible in HD practically anywhere. For golf, this means one can be transported to any place in the world one desires to experience, at just a click.


We show club, course and surroundings generally from the player’s perspective. This way, a golfing destination can be convincingly represented by the club and experienced by potential customers - real value for both.

Other books


We also publish if a particular golf course is the principal setting, e.g. Ivan Morris's fantasy, The Doonbeg Ghosts.




Stunning colour photos, with which our books overflow, were all taken by William fforde and form part of The Hynes Collection at the University of St Andrews.


William presents courses and their design in a way that shows off the talents of its designer through the medium of photography of record, taken from angles which players might experience whilst playing a round of golf. 

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