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VRBO Guests: Arrangements for your stay

                           Marbella                                                     Tuscany                                                  Cornwall


Thank you for booking through VRBO to stay at one of our properties. This page requires your prompt attention, please.

Acceptance of our VRBO House Rules means you undertook to comply with our Standard Terms & Conditions and Guest Information Pack.

We therefore now give you access to these and the opportunity to withdraw from your reservation, if you give us a reasonable explanation in writing as to why you don't accept them, within 3 days of our sending you the link to this page.

These two documents are rather long, so (without absolving you from reading them) in summary they explain: 

  • details of the property you have chosen to stay at;

  • directions to the property;

  • do's and don'ts - should not be a problem for those used to looking after other people's property;

  • if you wish to read the electricity meters at check-in and check-out, please ask to do so with us, failing which our staff's reading will be final;

  • reviews (including ours on you) must be agreed mutually before publication, please;

  • local amenities and facilities, and

  • important health & safety information.

In addition, for our properties in Tuscany and Marbella, you are required on arrival to leave a cash deposit of €300 to cover any electricity costs in addition to your €100 pw pro rata allowance. If it is possible to determine the charge with you at check-out, the refund will be administered there and then, failing which we will refund the balance by bank transfer. In the case of Marbella, if you wish to use the jacuzzi, please inform us. We will turn it on approx. three days before your arrival and the meter reading at that time will be the one used to determine the charge.


So please now download our:


The important and lengthy sections of the GIP relating to health & safety are there for your own protection: please note and carefully observe them – you and your fellow guests are required to comply with the regulations and general guidelines included in this document, and of course all other H&S guidelines and common sense apply as well. It also includes information as to how to minimise the risk of charges against your VRBO Security Deposit and electricity deposit.


Directions to the property are at the end of the GIP.


For our Mediterranean properties, you may wish also to download from the relevant sections of Sent from my iffone - password: revelation. This describes all the local amenities and some further afield. We give away our local secrets re restaurants, bars, etc… The restaurant guide is also serialised on Instagram


If not already sent, we will be sending you your ‘Accommodation Voucher’*, in which:

  • before your stay, you inform us about your arrival, contact details, and bed preparation requirements, and

  • after your stay, we inform you about our accounting to you of any expenses you incur under these arrangements.


If you have any queries regarding these procedures, please email or phone Siân (UK office hours) on +44 161 870 6541. Thank you and have a great stay.

Seaforde Holidays

* Not applicable for stays in Cornwall for fewer than 3 nights

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