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i) to provide club members and visitors with a coffee table opportunity to enjoy the golf course covered;



ii) to present the course and its design in a way that shows off the talents of its designer through the medium of photography of record, rather than through photography with artistic and/or romantic embellishment;



iii) to provide a promotional tool for the club - an informative, yet independent commentary on the design and designer of the subject course; in this context it is important to understand that The Player’s View book about a course is not intended as a substitute for, nor to compete with, a club history;



iv) to assist with the creation, where it all began, of the world’s largest collection of golf course photography through The Hynes Collection at the University of St Andrews, delivering permanent historical documentation for participant courses.



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A series of limited edition coffee table books, which present a feast of photography, showing each hole on the subject golf course as the player might experience it whilst playing a round, accompanied by an informed commentary. This satisfies several objectives:

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