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Villa Specifications and Plans

It's a Statement of the Obvious, but much of the success of your holiday will depend on finding a place and services that meet your requirements. It is in our interests, as much as yours, to ensure that those who stay with us are fully informed in advance as to the details of the accommodation and the services we provide. Otherwise, there is a risk that your holiday will not exceed expectations (thus failing our no 1 objective for you), you will never want to return (no 2 objective) nor would you think of recommending our properties to your friends (no 3!).

Accordingly, we give a detailed photo tour of each villa in slideshows on the 'Villas' pages, and detailed specifications and floorplans in these 'Specs & Plans' pages. Please click on the link for specifications and plans of the villa of your choice. The services referred are supplied on a bespoke basis: we will discuss these with you as part of the booking process.

If you are about to sign a contract with us, we would ask you to be sure to have read the detailed specification of the villa of your choice, beforehand. (We make no apology for the length of the descriptions, because of their importance to you, as outlined above.)

Tuscany ​


PS We also know that if you do not sleep comfortably, we will fail on all three objectives. For this reason, we provide high quality beds, with feather & down duvets and pillows (other types available on request), and linen from Italy's famous Frette brand. (NB we are currently using different high quality brands in Cornwall). Our owner makes a point of sleeping at least once a year in each of our bedrooms, just to be sure that the quality is maintained.

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